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Make amazing online graphics

Banners and graphics are all over the internet and on social media. An engaging, well-designed banner can help make a great first impression, get an audience’s attention, increase engagement, and contribute to the overall strength of your brand.

With Taler’s free online banner generator, you can browse thousands of free photos and graphics, customize them with a suite of design tools, and easily create amazing banners, cover photos and images for all social media platforms and beyond.

Bring your design ideas to life in no time

a template

Browse through hundreds of customizable designs adapted to size requirements for all major social media platforms.


your design

Taler's drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to customize your banner design or visual content.


and share

Download your high-resolution images, ready-made to meet social media size requirements, and share your creation with the world.

With our banner maker, making images, graphics and covers is fun, easy, and completely free!

Here's how to get started:


Pick a template

Start a design from scratch or browse through our library of stunning banner templates and pick the one that’s right for your brand. With Taler’s easy-to-use, drag-and-drop graphics creator, it’s easy to put your brand’s unique spin on any online banner template.


Add photos

Upload your own photos to the Facebook cover photo maker or browse through our library over 17000 free images. Our selection of large, high-resolution images make perfect cover photos for Facebook size requirements. You could even make your own Facebook covers by creating a collage of images!


Add text

Customize the text on your online banner template. No one knows your brand’s voice better than you. With Taler’s suite of text tools, you have complete control over your design and message. Move, resize and color your text to fit the uniqueness of your brand. You could even add date and time details about an upcoming event to a banner template.


Add stickers

Our online graphic creator comes fully-loaded with a complete suite of free stickers, shapes, emojis, and graphics. You can also upload your own graphics to use as stickers. Upload your logos, images, photos or any other graphics of your choice using the ‘Upload Sticker’ feature.


Refine and adjust

Use our suite of filters, overlays, and photo editing tools to carefully refine and adjust your header template design. Whatever you choose to do, Taler’s banner generator makes it easy to create unique, professional designs in minutes.


Export and share

Export your creation and download your high-resolution image files for free, directly from your browser. All photos and graphics included in Taler are 100% royalty-free. They can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes and you are not required to provide attribution. Share your designs on all your favorite platforms!

Add your own personal touch, no design skills needed

Drag-and-drop editor

The Taler banner maker is optimized
for both desktop and mobile devices.


Find the perfect post or banner template from 100+
customizable designs optimized for major social media


Add a personal touch to your content with our suite of
filters, tools, and effects.

Fonts and colors

We have selected 20+ beautiful fonts for you to use on
all your designs. You can also easily move, resize and
color anything you want in the Taler image editor.


Looking for a social media banner creator? Upload your
own photos or choose from our library of over 10k
high-resolution photos.


Design and save your own custom logo to the Taler
banner maker for quick and easy branding on all your

Frequently asked questions

Is Taler free?

Yep! With Taler, you can design your own banners from scratch with access to our design tools and library of photos and graphics.

Is Taler just for businesses or can anyone use it?

Anyone can use it! Taler’s functionality is designed primarily to help small business owners create their own stunning graphics, but the tools are useful to anyone looking to create stunning banners for each social media size specifications.

What banner sizes can I create with Taler?

With Taler you can create any banner size by simply entering the size you want in the ‘Transform’ feature in the editor or choose from various size templates such as Facebook cover size, Instagram story size or Etsy banner size.
With Taler you can be sure that your banner size looks great on any display by selecting templates designed specifically for each platforms specific size requirements.

Can I use my own logos and photos?

Of course!
You can upload your own photos, logos, graphics and icons to Taler’s editor via the Sticker feature and simply drag them into your banner designs.
This is a great way to add your personal touch to every design to make sure it stands out and capture your audience’s interest.
If you run your own business you can easily add your company’s logo to any design to make sure your brand is represented.

Do I need to install anything to use Taler’s banner maker?

No need to install anything, Taler runs through your mobile or desktop browser so you can access it on any device with an internet connection.

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